The meat system

So many express hatred or dissatisfaction with “the system” because they feel that it is unjust, oppressive, or fails to serve their needs & interests.
Eating flesh is part of the system that oppresses others due to differences.
“The system” refers to a range of social, political, & economic structures and institutions that shape your lives (government, corporations, diet systems, financial systems, educational systems, & legal systems)
There are many reasons why people might feel frustrated or disillusioned with these systems.
Many believe that the system perpetuates and reinforces social and economic inequality, and that it is designed to benefit a small, privileged elite at the expense of the broader population. And, you wear another’s skins??
There is widespread perception that the system is corrupt and that powerful individuals and institutions use their wealth and influence to manipulate the system to their advantage. What do you sponsor with your dollars??
Lack of accountability!
Many feel that the system lacks transparency and accountability, and that it is difficult or impossible to hold those in power responsible for their actions. Ever heard of ag-gag? Standard practices like piglet thumping?
Environmental destruction!
Some believe that the system is responsible for environmental destruction and the degradation of natural resources, and that it prioritizes short-term economic gain over long-term sustainability. Keep demanding flesh…animals fed with crops, & fish, and oh, the water!
For some, the system can feel impersonal and dehumanizing ( any other animal) leading to feelings of disconnection and alienation from others and from society as a whole. Imagine your birth, shitty cruelty filled life and brutal early death was all paid for by people that feel marginalized?
Overall, the hypocritical speciesist attitudes towards the very system that they rebel from is in fact the same system they are indoctrinated to, and white knuckle cling to.
Break free from corruption, oppression, alienation, & destruction…
Think for yourself
Dig Out Your Soul