It’s a trap

Gingerbread house of melancholy goodbye jolly hell of follies Failure a set up pent up Mind trapped Emotion capped Pride slapped No flux that’s the crux Fell & stuck in murky mire been fired from living life Now strife A high cost price No dice to roll dice it ain’t nice Head full of ice Autonomous heist.

Trolls are made of meat

As a daily animal rights & vegan activist on Twitter, I get some serious troll action. I am a loud voice against rodeo animal cruelty, ergo I have received death/rape threats from pro rodeo thugs. As I meander through, I am often puzzled by vegan trolls. Not the ‘mmm bacon trolls’. Nah, those zombies are a dime a dozen and I sometimes feel a tinge sorry for their wild unoriginality. Occasionally, I even offer to troll myself for them. It is the trolls that accuse you of being too compassionate/moral/ethical, yet they do it in such a way that they berate you for being sanctimonious. Pious. Some holier than thou animal loving/respecting asshole. I ain’t ever gonna wrap my head completely around that one.


You lumbering beast You weakener of knees I beg of you please Go now- With your hold now You brain chow down on my sensations devastations Mindful & mind full You stay put Make my foot An unworky thing Able not me Unable to flee You hold my key Of mobility Robbed from me naturally Abominable thing let me sing muffles me unwillingly I concede. Lament to my lesions You little white nullers You scabby brain dwellers You wrestle & win Steal & then grin at my plight miserable sight no foe to fight Invisible thief day or night Have you had your fill of my thoughts tears fears took my career no more can I steer not veer clear Clarity gone your smog fog dogs my energy fatigue weary worn Locked inside Can’t hide.