I grew up here.
I know the land well, every nook & cranny, each tree.
A natural predator.
I had first seen them in early summer…5 of them.
They were still young.
I admit, i was tempted…
I am patient & can survive on other foods while they fattened up.
I already had my eye on one, the biggest, of course.
If I played my cards right, in a couple months, I would be bragging to my co-workers & friends.
Posting instagram pictures.
I always kept watch for any signs of anyone/anything that might have the same idea I did.
There were no signs, really…they were on private property-just inside a pretty thick wood line.
As the summer was passing, I would watch them.
There they were, nestled in the tall grass, bathing in the sun.
They were completely oblivious to my presence, all of them just laying there, completely helpless & unaware.
I had been watching this little group for quite some time now.
I could identify every one of them, wildly similar, but each had subtle variances in size, color & pattern.
I realized how similar we were.
During the hot summer days they just laid there soaking up the rays.
Sun worship.
As i watched them, I gotta admit, I did feel a tinge bad knowing I’d be destroying such beauty.
But, I am at the top of the food chain, this is the circle of life and I ain’t no activist.
I have no shame in doing what my ancestors have been doing for centuries.
This is a crucial part of human survival.
You know- nature is brutal, after all.

After quite some time, I was ready.
I grabbed my instruments of death & made my way out to them.
I knew they would be there…look at that!
Got huge over the summer! Flourished!
I felt my heart rate quicken.
I had been preying upon them for months; just waiting, finally the time had come.
The time needed to be just right.
My ancestral predatory instincts were raging, so I centered myself to calm.
I’m a natural killer, no denying this fact.
After all, Renee Descartes had proven all this shit in the 1600’s. And hello, Ted nugent!
Ain’t no arguing about that now….

Dear plants rights activists,
A little known factoid that needs to be visited is that early people’s diet consisted largely upon plants…the bulk- 80+%
And the ‘meat’ that they did eat was that which they scavenged…carrion left over by true predators.
We humans are more like hyenas & crows than our fantasy of being like wolves and eagles.

GO #vegan #DigOutYourSoul