Calgary Stampede Rodeo


Well, Calgary stampede is underway again. They boast that they have ‘The greatest outdoor show on earth.’   Colosseum of animal torture. 

Don’t be a dummy

Sure, for sadists & voyeuristic Zoo Sadists. I shouldn’t have to tell y’all that rodeo is animal cruelty. But, for all y’all that are way behind the 8 ball, then this is for you. If you’re hankering for some legal animal cruelty, then, rodeo has got you covered! Sucks ya can’t attend a legal dog fight, so, hey, at least ya got rodeo. They’ve been torturing & killing animals since 1888! Yeehaw!

The Calgary stampede rodeo show has 9 events.
Barrel racing…
Tie down Roping aka calf beating
Steer wrestling
Junior steer wrestling…animal abuse for juveniles
Novice saddle bronc aka tame horses tortured to buck
Saddle bronc
Bull riding…bulls have been bred to be docile, yet are portrayed as violent mad killers.
Bareback bronc aka tame horses tortured to buck sans saddles
They’re labeled as events, while they’re nothing more than allotted increments for torturing a specific animal at that time during open hours. Rodeo events are timed. Why is that important to know? When contestants race a clock to rope, wrestle, tie animals…what do you think is the result? Injury & death. Fact.

Ah, yes…I can see why the calf enjoys rodeo
#OpRodeo shining a light into the cruel darkness of rodeo

1. Tie down Roping. This ‘event’ was originally called calf roping. [Hmm, wonder why they changed the name. Too real?]
It goes like this- A weeks old calf is confined inside of a chute. Inside a chute, the calf is tortured. Electric prods are used, usually pocket sized ‘hot shot’ cattle prods. They are easily concealed & the little torture devices are capable of delivering 5k voltages. Horrified that they would use something so cruel on the delicate body of a calf? Don’t be, pro rodeo folk swear that ‘calves love rodeo’, & that hot shot prods ‘don’t hurt the calves’. I was being sarcastic. Of course it fucking hurts them…ever seen their reaction when a fly lands on their sensitive bodies?? Back to the chute/torture chamber…. in addition to being prodded, calves have also been witnessed & documented having their ears & tails pulled, & their tails raked. WTACTUALF is a tail rake? Well, partner, that’d be when a cowardboy pulls the calfs tail out through the chute and roughly drags it across the bars of the chute. Why all this goddamn torture, you must be asking yourself? It is so that when the chute opens, the calf will run his or her little ass off in an attempt to flee. Works wonders, especially considering bovines are prey animals. They’re extremely sensitive to fear. The calves, under 300lbs, forced into the rodeo ring to square off against a horse and a adult human are babies around 6 weeks old. The majority still have pieces of their umbilical cord still visibly attached. When the chute opens they run at an excess of 25mph. The calf is ‘given a 10ft head start’ (bless their fucking stone hearts). The demented adult human drives their spurs into the horses sides and they’re off in hot pursuit of a terrified bovine baby. The hollow rider then lassos the baby, jerks back [aka clotheslines] the calf, the calfs body is then propelled, hurtling through the air, hooves over head, until crashing to the ground most often breaking/injuring their neck. Panicking, roped calves both shit & piss themselves. [Fun fact; horses used for calf roping are trained to keep the lasso taut.] Finally, the repugnant adult human dismounts the horse & sprints toward the stunned calf, tying 3 of the calfs legs together, and finishing by throwing their hands up in the air. Well done, indeed, vile human. This is only ONE of NINE events!!!
Common calf injuries due to ‘tie down roping’:
Trampled by horses
Broken necks
Broken legs
Broken spine
Internal injuries
Still, this remains legal, advertised as -a family event, -a sport, -a tourist attraction…
I mean, even prince William and his wifeypoo attended. That ain’t saying much tho, cos we all know about royal lines. Scraping the bottom of the barrel of the gene pool there. They were all gussied up, donning western costumes, just like the contestants. Ride em in.

Umbilical cord?

2. Steer wrestling. This event, also timed, is as follows; Two adult humans, both on horseback, synchronize chasing a young steer that has been tortured inside a chute prior to releasing into the arena. Suffering the same abuses as calves, steer are prodded, tails raked, ears & tails pulled. The chute door is opened, and the terrified young steer rushes out in full flight mode. Panicking, the steer desperately tries to elude predators. The ‘hazer’ rides their horse to keep the steer running as straight as possible, while the other assclown leaps from their horse, tackling the steer by the horns. The animal abusing scumbag now twists & wrenches the steers neck at dangerous & painful angles. The goal is to twist the neck until the young steer is ‘rolled’ (falls). It is then that ‘time’ is called.
Common injuries young steer incur at the hands of sadists:
Trampled by horses
Broken horns
Broken necks
Broken spines
Broken legs
Internal injuries
This is only ONE of NINE events!!!

Y’all sure a young steers neck ought twist to that degree?


Rodeo is animal cruelty. Defended as a tradition….hmmm, where have I heard that argument before?
Animal eating, Skin wearing, Bullfighting, Dog racing, Horse racing, Animal sacrifice…
Rodeo is broadcast on CBS sports channel.  The Calgary stampede stands are packed, advertised as ‘family fun’, adults & children litter the seats surrounding the Roman style arena.  Parents beware…exposing your children to violence is corrosive. Use google on the internet machine & read a bit about children witnessing animal cruelty. Of course, research like that is ridiculed. Why? Take your pick.

…Animal rights wackos…
…PETA kills animals, too…
…animals don’t feel pain…
…bunny hugging liberal idiots…
…plant killers…
You get the point…like mass majority of animal issues, it ain’t taken as seriously as it needs to be. I’ve read a shitload of articles where they ponder if it is ‘time’ to put an end to rodeo. Well, shit, ah, YES. People actually debate about whether or not an adult human in horseback chasing a terrified calf to body slam & tie is cruel or not.
Humans never cease to horrify me.

What’s today’s secret word?

P.S. If some random nincompoop is chomping at the bit to comment that the Calgary stampede is in Canada, not the U.S.,…I got ya covered.
The United States boast 5k+ rodeos spanning across the country…so, shut your finger pointing yap.

Please, I beg of you…be a Voice for these animals. Speak out against the Calgary stampede & all rodeos.

Your homework assignment?
Leave a message on Calgary stampedes Facebook
Got a twatter account? Tweet them (not too many times, cos they’ll report your ass for spam)
Tweet #OpRodeo sheets


The trio (myself included) composed HUNDREDS of pre-made tweets ready for action.  Here ya go->
Attend rodeos & film the cruelty
Boycott ALL companies that sponsor rodeos. Budweiser, Audi, dodge, Levi’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, super 8, Wyndham…just to name a few.

Lemme know if ya want a full list, yeah? I’d be happy to oblige.

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