Society is full of brainwashed clones
Safe in their bubbles of comfort zone
Their dining chair is their throne
Full of fear, and unable to think on their own
Content to believe what they’ve been shown
It’s really all that they’ve ever know
Blindly swallow gallons of growth Hormone
Mindlessly eating platefuls of meat on the bone
Animals suffering, & murder they condone
In ignorance, they’re far from alone
98% adhere to a corpse munching cornerstone
When, [if ever], will complicity they bemoan?
They’re traditionally habitually prone
When a vegans light of truth is shone…
…’it’s awful! I can’t believe it’… they groan
…’animals are killed humanely’… they moan
No. Sorry, not sorry. It’s time it’s known!
Choose to leave animals alone
Be vegan! Begin to atone!

Dig Out Your Soul