On account of my [most] recent encounter with an idler, when I was accused of ‘not respecting’ their choice……

Eating meat is the conformist diet.
All y’all corpse munchers have made Jack shit for ‘personal choices’ in terms of what ya shovel into your face hole.
Society made that choice for ya, & ya just keep mindlessly shoveling in what your elders fed you from infancy.
Isn’t it about goddamn time ya question it?
I should respect what?
Your lack of initiative?
Your lack of compassion?
Your selfishness?

Henceforth we shall all spew the following (outta respect):
While I choose not to fuck the tiny bodies of toddlers, I respect your choice to….
Erm, wait….that ain’t right….right?
The toddler is another living being!
A choice shouldn’t involve someone else!
What about the toddlers choice to NOT have their tiny bodies fucked?
Ok, ok….
Scratch this one.
Moving forward…
While I choose to not exploit the developmentally disabled, I respect your choice to….
Woah there, buddy. Well, that don’t cut it either!
The developmentally disabled person is a living being!
Just because they are incapable of grasping many societal concepts, doesn’t pave way for their exploitation!
What about the developmentally disabled persons rights to be protected from those that seek to harm them?
Well, toss this one into the shitter, too.
Yet again, moving forward….
While I choose to not support forced labor, I respect your choice to enslave others….
Well, shit…
This just isn’t my day, is it?
Scratch this one too!
Because, well, duh.
While I choose not to support entering someone’s home & murdering them in cold blood, I respect your choice….
….while I choose not to support rape & kidnapping, I support your choice to….
Um, no.
How about…
While I choose not to support the bulldozing of rainforests & destruction of the ocean, I respect your…
Ah, no. Not happening.

Every argument against veganism is fucking idiotic.

Eating animal corpse parts is not respectable.
Eating animal corpse parts ain’t got anything to do with personal choice.
Eating animal corpse parts violates personal freedoms…of non-humans & humans.
Eating animal corpse parts is destroying the ocean, rainforests,…the planet.

Just idly sitting by & keepin your trap shut about it is an injustice.

Be a voice for those that cannot organize & speak on their own behalf.

And ain’t one fucking ‘meat’ eater deserving of respect…

Dig Out Your Soul

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

7 thoughts on “Despise

  1. Wow! This is a GREAT one! Every word is the truth. Any decent person will never respect someone who tortures and murders innocent beings. There is nothing respectful about being an animal-murderer. I like that you said society is choosing for them. Fucking animal-eaters think they are making a choice. Hell no! Society is choosing for them! When have they ever sat down and said, “Hmmmm… should I be vegan or a shit-head animal-murderer?”

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  2. Great post Heidi. Today when driving to work, at a stop due to the heavy traffic on the highway, I stopped next to a truck transporting pigs. I pulled the car window down and started talking nicely to one of them. Then I started crying. They might be a dead by now. Fuck

    Liked by 1 person

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