10 guaranteed deer hunting tips for new hunters

This guide will be proven useless by well seasoned whitetail hunters as they know, only too well, all the tricks of the trade contained herein. This list of pro tips is for you deer hunting noobs. This will be your BIBLE, guaranteeing success in bagging yourself a total hog of a buck, or, [depending upon the season], a fatty Doe.


So, let’s get started with these insider hunting secrets so you can get out there and drop a deer on your FIRST day!
Pro deer hunting tip 1-
Deer are attracted to human odor.
Contrary to popular urban legend that you must ‘hide’ your stink, not only are deer completely accustomed to us, but, our smells are favored among deer populations.
 If we live nearby to wooded areas, guess where deer bed for the night? That’s right, you guessed it. Behind the houses. Deer get into our gardens which are covered with our smells. They simply CANNOT get enough of us.
Eschew myth! Either don’t bathe [to really give them an alluring nostril full], or, scrub your ass until it’s zestfully clean.
Pro deer hunting tip 2-
Piss at the base of your tree stand, or, all around your ground blind.
Seems counterintuitive?
It’s not! See pro tip #1.
Why this method is proven effective in attracting a big buck is because the male whitetail deer is hugely territorial. When he smells your urine, he is going to feel innately compelled to cover up your putrid odor with his own brand. Those are his woods, & he will do his damnedest to keep them smelling like him! The more piss you spray, the better your chances are at attracting deer.
A word of warning- when they come to cover the smells of your urine with theirs, they’ll be coming fast, & hard.
Be ready.
Bucks don’t take kindly to humans pissing in their territory.
And don’t listen to other hunters…they’ll tell you to ‘hold your pee’, or ‘don’t drink anything’ just in an effort to make you have an uncomfortable, or parched hunting day. Did you really think the other hunters leave their stands and trek away just to relieve themselves? Or, worse, that they whiz in a bottle and carry it around? Rubbish.
Your golden elixir acts as a honing beacon. Use it wisely.
Pro deer hunting tip #3-
Keep moving!
Other hunters will have you believe you must sit completely still for hours, all day even, without so much as flinching for fear of ‘making a sound’. As though the sounds of a branch or two breaking, or the rustling of leaves has ANY impact on deer hunting success. Do other hunters think you’re that gullible? Deer LIVE in the woods. They are so familiar with snapping twigs, leaves, & squirrels sprinting that if deer DON’T hear a ruckus, they get suspicious. And lest you forget; you are donning CAMOUFLAGE. The deer cannot see you. So, go ahead and break a branch or two! Keep the deer feeling at home!
Pro deer hunting tip #4
Deer are attracted to bright colors, and complex patterns.
While you are clothed in camouflage, rightly so, your ground blind should not be. You already look like a tree, which is a total snooze fest for deer that see trees 24/7. For optimal hunting, make your blind stand out! Your ground blind should be not only provide visual interest, but should also be ‘*fun’ for deer.
*scientists has discovered, particularly in the fall, whitetails are drawn to brightly colored mosaics, & traditional textile patters, while varying ‘camo’ patterns are most often avoided.
You cannot be present full time in your ground blind, & your scent alone is not enough to keep deer frequenting.
Ask yourself; would you rather a deer keep returning to an interesting ground blind, or be so boring that the deer never visit? Imagine your ground blind to be an art gallery to the deer herd if you will. The more vibrant, rich, & contrasting, the better! More deer means greater hunting success!
Shoot em down, Van Gogh!
Pro deer hunting tip #5 [See tips 1 & 2]
Be distinguishable so deer can locate you.
To try to keep your hunting jacket smelling like leaves, or pine pitch is absolutely ludicrous. Odor eliminators are the true enemy of any deer hunter. Ask yourself when you’ve last seen deer attracted to leaves or pine trees?
That’s why cigars, & beer are at each & every hunting cabin.
We rest our case.
Pro deer hunting tip #6
Load your food plot!
Deer can eat corn almost anytime. Farmers plant unfenced fields of cascading fodder corn which deer have their fill of come August. Want word to get out in the deer community that YOUR food plot has the ‘good stuff’? Then plant any of the following, or a combination of;
Black-Eyed Susan, Larkspur, Rocky Mountain Beeplant, Liatris, Columbine, Purple Prairie Clover, Red Shirley Poppy, Mixed Shirley Poppy, California Poppy, Foxglove, Shasta Daisy, Salvia, Purple Coneflower, Rocky Mountain Iris, Lupine, Alyssum, Silver Sage, Blue Flax & Blanket Flower.
Deer go crazy for these!
Give them what they want, & reap the rewards!
Pro deer hunting tip #7
Clearing your shooting alley!
It’s a common misconception to new hunters that you must clear the path for your bullet/arrow long before hunting season opens. Nothing could be further from the truth, & we’re here to tell you why.
Deer love the smell of freshly cut timber! They hone in on it, & will seek it out. Deer rub against trees with their bodies, & antlers which enhances the scent from the bark, & wood. When you pre-cut your shooting area, you are missing out on the huge advantages that freshly cutting provides. Think if it this way; you know that ‘new car scent’ that fades over time? That’s what fresh cut timber provides for deer. ‘New wood scent’, in an effect. So, always do all of your cutting the morning of the first day of the season. A small handsaw will work best, but never underestimate the power, & portability of a small chainsaw. Deer are no strangers to the sounds of sawing in the woods, ergo a quick 10-15 minutes of trimming branches will have zero impact on your hunting day.
Keep the fresh smells of cut wood coming to keep the deer coming back for more!
Pro deer hunting tip #8
Ready for this one? Deer repellent!
We know! We didn’t believe it either.
But, the proof is in the pudding. Ask yourself; how many folks do you know that use deer repellants to keep deer out of their yards, & gardens only to complain that deer are continuous pests? See?
Unthinkable, & effective.
Pro deer hunting tip #9
Deer, & radio broadcasts are a match made in heaven.
Deer have incredible hearing, so, in order to pique their interest, keep the radio level just below 4,000 hertz. If deer can hear the broadcast from a distance, there will be absolutely no reason for them to move closer. You must use their highly curious nature to your full advantage.
Music is good, talk radio has proven to be effective, though, hunters have found the most compelling sounds to deer is traffic. Deer are, obviously, drawn to the sounds of vehicles traveling on roadways.
We saved the best/worst for last
Pro deer hunting tip #10
*This is specifically for attracting stupid-big bucks. Doe hunters need not apply this method.
Menstrual blood.
Known in the top hunting community as ‘milkshake’, or ‘dope’; human period blood is a time tested sure fire way to lure the biggest bucks to your spot. Smear a little on your face, your hunting jacket, &/or even the nose of your rifle.
You’ll be intimate with a hugely racked stud in no time!
Employ these proven effective methods on your first day of the season, & you will put a serious dent in the deer population!