Winner winner
Glazed ham dinner
Pork roast gravy
Grab the skimmer
Braised short ribs, loin on simmer
Pork chops for dinner,
It’s what I’m buying
Bacon! My hungry mouth is watering
Yum yum, nom nom; lips a smacking
Look at me! I’m fucking…
My hunger growing
My stomach growling 
I want bologna frying
They’re raised for food, so
I’m abiding
I ain’t looking, 
so it ain’t happening 
I just want some pork, but
I’m not trying
To perpetuate cruelty, so
 I’m not complying 
I’m Denying!
Look, fucker
I beg to differ
You buy ‘pork’, you’re a pig killer
You just don’t consider 
You pay for something that they deliver
In terms of empathy, you ain’t got a glimmer
Oh well, corpse eater, go figure…
Baby pig floor bashing
Sounds of skulls breaking
Bones cracking
Pig brains, & blood oozing
From blunt force trauma, body fluids seeping
Soft, small bodies against cement smashing
Newton’s law- Force, crashing
Piglet+floor= Slapping
Brain matter & blood splatter splashing
Piglet+floor= Whacking
Piglets screaming
Squealing, crying
Piglet killing
Tiny, still bodies lying
This little piggy went to slaughtering 
Farm workers give pigs a thrashing
Making ‘bacon’ for teeth gnashing
Fried pig flesh crunching
Crunch crunchy chewing
Fried pig fat spitting
Cooked flesh hardening, crackling 
Melted pig fat, you’re salivating
Wide open mouths, blunt teeth flashing 
Compassion is what you’re lacking
Killing pigs, & piglets is what you’re backing
When it comes to evolving, you’re slacking 
In the lowest part of the brain, you’re relaxing
Thinking new thoughts, for you, is taxing
You’ve reached your evolutionary pinnacle, & prefer distracting 
So… You call vegan activism ‘attacking’
The truth 
The truth
The truth

Be Vegan