Meat cult necrovores not only accept, but they unquestionably believe the masters ideologies.
Meat is good. Bacon is life. Milk is calcium. Chicken is protein.
Cheeseburger. Meat lovers pizza. Sausage bolognese. Alfredo.

Meat cult dogma — animals are ours to eat, wear, use, love….
Of course, you not only give your free thought away to the masters, but you also cause harm to other animals, yourself, the environment and the world due to your mindless behavior.

Speciesists accept & unquestionably follow the highly profitable sets of rules by eating, wearing, & using other than human animals because the masters told them to.
Are followers of the meat cult not smart enough to connect a living being to the charred body part on their plate?
Nope…not, generally, the case.
Truth is, lots of folks in the meat cult are intelligent in many areas of life.
Also true is that most remain in the meat cult simply because of the manipulative methods used by the masters, & the masters servants, in order to make and keep members. #brainwashing

Truth, yes, but it still doesn’t give the complete picture.

Why do most folks remain manipulated by the meat cult, while vegans woke and broke free?
I mean, it’s painfully obvious that the meat cult appeals to the mass majority, but is utterly appalling to vegans….

(There are psychological reasons to explain)

The first is that the meat cult provides a sense of connection….affiliation…normalcy….traditional…same old same old…
Those who continue to blindly follow the meat cult feel accepted, and their speciesism allows them to share the burden of guilt with other hypocrite followers. You know them…they hate yulin, taiji, horse slaughter, and rodeo….but they eat cows, chicken & fish, visit zoos, love Seaworld, and horse racing.
The meat cult is comprised of those who’re are willing to unquestionably believe the speciesist ideologies and fully embrace their hypocrisy while following the masters given set of rules. They become the servants that gorge upon decomposing flesh, & show callousness toward those with compassion towards other than human animals.
The mook that comments ‘but bacon’ on a posted image of a bloodied, screaming piglet is an example of a washed brain meat cult member. They’re merely a servant to the masters. They mindlessly eat corpse parts that lines the pockets of the masters, never questioning that they fund animal cruelty.

This may seem odd, but the meat cult provides a sense of purpose for the followers.
Think about it- lots of folks feel no true purpose in life……
They watch TV, play video games, follow mainstream news and believe everything they read on the Internet, they compete, brag, seek love, sex, power, affiliation, they go to sleep, only to rinse and repeat the same things the next day.
Lack of purpose leaves you feeling unfulfilled, which renders your life meaningless…..& being so starved for purpose, folks are willing to dine on decomposing flesh of animals raised in dirty, contaminated environments…pumped with antibiotics, hormones…
But, hey….this offers a sense of purpose, and belonging.
Ninety eight percent of the world uses other animals…..
98% of humans exploit others….
The meat cult provides followers a substitute for lack of purpose that, at least on a superficial level, provides them with a sense of meaning and belonging to their lives.

Yet another reason why people stay in the meat cult is the provided sense of normalcy.
The warm blanket of shit…
The static hum of complacency….

To rebel?
To remove yourself?
To eschew the teachings of the masters?
To argue against the servants?
To think for yourself?
This is to be vegan.

To be vegan is to experience anxiety, disappointment, anger, & sadness….yes….and to be truly guilt free, compassionate, higher minded, and adaptive is also to be vegan.


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