Sheldon Yearbook

Sees a raven flying…ahhh, nope…a crow, no! A raven…mmm, could be a….
scarlet chirp machine…gets by purely on his looks
Crop?…or, suitcase?
A grackle to make ya cackle. 
Unavailable for comment.
Turned down the lead role in star wars as Darth Vader.
Refused to ‘go on record’ when answering ‘how do you feel about bunny?’
When interviewed, had nothing nice to say about grey squirrel.
A feather equivalent of a ‘kick me’ sign?
Voted most likely to resemble a football when eating.
Hey, chipmunk…how about when I am taking pics of big bad crows, you zoom over like a torpedo, & scare the bejesus outta one so it appears you are being preyed upon?
Class couple